A course of miracles

A course of miracles

I’ve said in my “about me” page how I hit rock bottom and I needed to change. I felt a strong connection to two motivational speakers, Gabby Bernstein and Kris Carr . Kris Carr is a young stage 4 cancer survivor who changed her life through nutrition.  Gabby Bernstein is a former addict who has found her spiritual calling through various things but strongly through a course of miracles (ACOM). This is a 669 page book combined with a 365 day lesson plan, Manuel for teachers and a glossery of definition of terms. Let me first give a WARNING this was the hardest book I ever read. The writing is strange, sounds very biblical and the words are small HOWEVER the best thing I ever did. I just bought another book which is like the cliff notes to ACOM.  Gabby’s books follow the teachings of ACOM and she simplifies the concepts in a user friendly way.

Basically the course teaches you to love and choose love over fear.  That each person was created perfectly with love and each person deserves a joyful and happy life free from fear.

I won’t ever get preachy in my posts but I feel that this path makes me mentally stronger everyday. More importantly for me, I’ve always looked for outside sources, mainly men, to fill in the missing holes that I was missing in myself. I looked to men to COMPLETE me.  Thank you Jerry McGuire for that movie line.  One of the most important things I’ve learned is no man, person or any outside sources can fill that missing part of myself. I’m the only person that can complete me love is my peace not someone or something else. I’m not saying companionship doesn’t add to a persons joy but I do believe it comes from you first. I’d love tko hear others opinions on this but I can tell you some days it is difficult but for the most part, my days and thoughts are happier then they ever were.  Wishing everyone who reads this love and peace and a very happy day. Xoxo

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  1. Right on target Jamie! Resentments are living in the past. Fear is living in the future. The present is a present! I find that if I look for the blessing in even the darkest cloud it frames my perceptions of that situation positively. I have had that mindset during my divorce last year and it has aided my spiritual growth. Radiating positive energy by giving and having tolerance of others are my goals in life. With that mindset fears and resentments disappear.

    1. Living in the present is so important that’s all that matters. Living in the past just forms the future based on the past. Remember only past love otherwise forget it.

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