Opinion for parents: microchip chip for kids

Opinion for parents: microchip chip for kids

microchip for kid
My little sister and I had this philosophical discussion the other day about parenting decision. We both have dogs that have a Microchip in them in case God forbid they were lost. The chip has all the information of where he lives, my name and number or at least the vet information so I can get him back. Now why wouldn’t we give one to our children? You’d be able to always know where they are like a lo-jack feature for children. There wouldn’t be anymore kidnappings because you’d be able to track your kid. Yes we can go to the whole matrix thought and some technology can find the tracker in a kid and either zap it making it ineffective or pull it out. However I’d think that the number of kidnappings would still have to be decreased. Is it ethical? That’s the real question. Big brother is watching you!!! It is an interesting topic. Good and bad points on both sides. My daughter is 17 now. I’m better off putting the Verizon tracker thing in her car but my little sister’s children are still young. It is certainly a food for thought question and I’d love people to comment.

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  1. I over heard two Mom’s talking the other day. What they do in monitoring their kids is make sure that their cell phone locator is on all the time. Might be worth a try.

    1. See to some degree we are big brother to our kids. My daughter walked out of her room this morning and said “please don’t put that Verizon thing in my car” lol.

  2. I think there should be a tracker like on their arm that you can follow from your cell phone. Like a piece of jewelry. Actually something that was more subtle that A. could not be removed and B. would not fall off. In case anyone suspicious got their hands on it. But if it could be an external thing that the parents could take off rather than implanted under the skin that would be great. I think about parents at busy music festivals with young kids. You can turn your back and where did your kid go. So just to be able to check them on the iPhone, brilliant. It has to be here that technology or else it’s coming very soon

    1. Another excellent idea. I agree that we have they technology to make it work and a parent can opt out if they didn’t want it.

  3. Our 24 hour news cycle and social media make our world feel 1000 times more dangerous than is real. Unless you have solid reasons to fear kidnapping, the psychological risks of doing this to your kid are IMHO not worth the safety net effect.

    PS…. This is from a guy with MS who is also a PhD psychologist with experience in family therapy, child development, as well as a lot of experience working with violence, criminals, and personal security.
    I’d never mess my kid’s head up by putting a tracking chip in them…
    Unless perhaps they had mental health issues and prone to wander off and get lost.

    Violent crime is at the lowest point in decades, with the exception of pockets where there is a lot of crime… Like in SE Washington DC. But not NW DC.

    Yes, chip your kitty, your puppy, but not your human child. It sends a lot of wrong messages.

    Read about “situational awareness”. That’s the best thing to reduce the risk of being a victim.

    1. Thank you for your insightful reply. It was very refreshing reading a thoughtful reply. I really wrote it for opinions. My daughter is 17 now. I’m past that age.

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