Medicaid meeting time well spent

Medicaid meeting time well spent

Today I’m writing to you live from the Nassau County Medicaid Office. So far my assistant aka my daughter and I have been sitting here an hour and 2 I repeat 2 people were called. I made a fair hearing appointment a few weeks ago when my Managed Medicaid plan denied my therapists’ bills. Well that wasn’t good we called, I looked at my benefits they told me I was good to go and then all the bills were denied. Please keep in mind my job of 13+ years was ALL billing and Medicaid applications so I’m not going into this lost and confused. OH yeah I was just called.

I was escorted into a room assistant in tow to a state appointed judge. We were informed we were being recorded. State your name and address for the record. I did. The question was asked to my daughter who was playing a game on her phone paying no attention whom I’ve now smacked to get to state her name.  I pleaded my case showed my evidence to my judge and that’s it.  No handshake no idea who will win, decision gets sent in the mail. Don’t even get a time limit as to when I can expect this. Well it’s a total of 5 minutes with the judge and sitting waiting was about 85 minutes. Time well spent. Happy Friday.

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