That one person you’ll never forget….

That one person you’ll never forget….


Has there ever been that guy in your life that could still make your heart flutter after many many years? Even though you have no idea why. Maybe you had a relationship with them or maybe not.  Maybe you just saw them from across the room in the high school cafeteria but you’ll never forget them. I met my person in college my sophomore year. It was one of those weekend where everyone leaves school to go home for the holiday. I stayed at school an extra day. I was out at some bar with a few sorority sisters but it was one of the least popular bars, have no idea why we’d go there.  My sorority sister knew him, he was in a fraternity and she introduced us.  There was an instant attraction. This attraction lasted on and off for 2 years until he graduated.  What was amazing about this relationship is when we’d see each other, there wasn’t jealousy or anger or what ifs.  Sometimes we were together, sometimes we weren’t but never was there any negativity about it either way. We were friends, an odd sort of friends but friends non the less.  We’d catch each other’s eye across the room with a smile like we had a big secret. It was the hottest relationship of my life. I look back on this and I don’t have a regret, a place that needs forgiveness or a moment I feel ashamed of.  I have never looked back at the time with this guy having one thought of negativity or doubt. Unlike all my other relationships short or long term, this one I always remember only with a smile and maybe a little quiver in my belly.  That’s what makes it great.

We had a little contact right after college but it faded quickly. When i got divorced and Facebook really exploded I went on a quest to find him.  Being Facebook friends with many members in his fraternity I finally found one of his brothers that spoke to him. He went dark wasn’t on Facebook and most of his fraternity didn’t speak to him so this quest took months. One day I received a text saying “I heard you were looking for me”. I get butterflies just thinking about when that text came through. We talked on the phone for a few minutes and caught up. I never talked with him again on the phone. To this day I still have his number in my contacts. I refuse to delete it.

To end this beautiful tale. He found me recently on LinkedIn and he does have a Facebook under an alias. We are friends on both. He has 2 gorgeous girls and a beautiful wife. He looks and sounds happy. I will always think of him in the most amazing way because all these years later, he was still my favorite relationship. I don’t know if he reads my blog and if he does he’ll figure out its about him but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t. If he does than he’ll know he will always have a special place in my heart and I thank him for that.  There are very few, for me no other, relationships that are easy. The one with him was and that was a blessed memory I will always treasure.


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