A world of change when I was a child…

A world of change when I was a child…

Ive been watching madmen lately and what has struck me the most is how things have changed. Even since I was a kid against my daughters age it’s amazing the difference. I remember I had a TV with 13 channels to choose from. After Saturday morning cartoons, there wasn’t much to watch if you were stuck home for the day.  I didn’t even have a remote for the TV.

I remember coming home from camp and my mom and stepdad got cable in their room. It was this box on a long wire that they had all these channels to choose from.                                    Remember seeing MTV for the first time? How cool was that?   It was music when it started, music videos and music news. Now if do they even make music videos? I had records and tapes. That was the best part about the music, pulling out the record sleeve. Reading what they wrote. Hoping the lyrics were included. Seeing the pictures. You still had it with CDs but that is gone now with this digital age of iPods, iTunes and such.

I can say bazooka was  $.5 that the iPad doesn’t even have the symbol for cents. Did you go look? It’s true. A candy bar was $.50. I use to get a weekly allowance of $2.00. The tooth fairy maybe left a $1.00 if I was lucky. My mom wouldn’t buy anything in the food store without a coupon.  I use to want goober grape peanut butter and jelly, they never made a coupon for that. My mom wouldn’t buy it. My mom spent every Sunday cutting those weekly coupons, filing them away in envelopes. She had envelope after envelope of coupon for every aisle of the store.  One day, while shopping, one of the store personnel weighed the bag on the produce scale. It weighed 11+ pounds.

It was a completely different world, as I sit around waiting for my food to be delivered to my heart. My daughter will one day tell her kid how different life was for her when she was a kid. Maybe telling similar comparison from her own childhood. This ever changing world. You don’t see it on a day to day basis but it is HUGE when you do par year to year, decade to decade. Just my thoughts for today.

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  1. I remember the year when CBS announced that all of its TV show would from then on be in color. I want to say 1965 or ’66.
    I could get good grape bubblegum for a penny and a new comic book for a dime.

    1. i think when I went to college we didn’t have any other channels although cable channels were available. I don’t remember when I got cable really, when the last time I saw bazooka gum in the store or when the last time I watched a music video.

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