Mid-section fat distribution

Mid-section fat distribution

If you follow my blog, you may have picked up by now that I’m scale obsessed. For anyone who just happened to stumble upon my blog, I’m scale obsessed. I keep a close enough eye on things to know I haven’t gained any significant weight. I bounce around a five pound mark but that’s about it. I’m not thin, by any means, but I’ve maintained my current weight and size for years. I’ve held my hourglass figure my whole life, a classic pear. Thin on the top heavy on the bottom. It’s very annoying buying pants or jeans.  They are always too big in my waist and I end up with everything on my hips. My waist is a size 6 my hips a size 8 and my legs a size 10. A fun clothes shopping experience.  My stomach region has never been flat but it’s never had rolls. I’ve noticed as of late, rolls…hmmm. What is that about? How am I the same weight and size but with new rolls? Omg I’m the Staypuff Marshmallow Man.

I was wondering if weight distribution changes as you get older. Guess what, of course it does. http://www.livestrong.com/article/437622-do-women-gain-weight-in-the-midsection-as-they-grow-older/. According to an article I found on Livestrong,

By virtue of genetics, women have higher percentages of body fat than men, and that percentage only increases as they grow older. According to MayoClinic.com, “body fat tends to shift from the arms, legs and hips to the abdomen” in women as they age, especially after menopause.

It’s not uncommon for aging women to experience gains in belly fat even if they don’t gain weight in other areas of their bodies. After a woman hits middle age, her estrogen levels begin to decrease, and those levels may determine where fat appears on the body. Genetics also plays a role, so if your mother or grandmother gradually gained weight in the midsection as she aged, the same thing may be likely to happen to you. Finally, the percentage of lean muscle mass in women’s bodies decreases as they grow older. Because muscle mass has an influence on metabolic rate and calorie burn, losing it can make harder for you to stay at a healthy weight.


Isn’t that just wonderful news. Good thing is by 65 we start losing weight because fat replaces lean muscle tissue, and fat weighs less than muscle. So we become lighter on the scale but technically fatter because fat takes up more space than lean muscle.  Excellent!!! I had to contend with taking high dose steroids on an average of 2 times a year. Not only would this cause significant weight gain but it would also redistribute my fat in different places. Now my age, hormones and menopause will start to do the same. The only thing that will help is diet and exercise. Well I became vegan so that’s a check and I exercise 6 days a week. (Although I have MS and my exercise isn’t very strenuous or cardio active because I’m in a chair but I did start P90X again). Hopefully I can just continue to do what I do accept myself at the weight I am and move on.https://multipleexperiences.org/2017/03/14/ideal-weight/  I’m never going to be the perfect weight, or body type in a magazine. It’s time to accept my tummy, hips, thighs, bust, waist and rolls for what they are….





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  1. Amen! Great information! I’m on the same journey as you. Up-and-down within 5 pounds. When I get down the five pounds, I get extremely hungry. Which is normal for weight loss as well. Then I eat a little more and the weight goes up again! Agghh!!

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