Let the festivities begin

Let the festivities begin

The car is packed and we are ready to go. The car is packed to the gills I should say. There is barley enough room for me to sit. I have to laugh because I’ve been warned that I have no gifts this year. My reply was you bought me a condo, I think I’m ok. I’m more excited to give out my gifts anyway. They may be small but I think I did well.

We are going up to my sister in Saugerties. That’s in New York by Woodstock. I think this is our third or fourth year doing this. We made a tradition. Technically, we are Jewish but we now do a gift exchange on Christmas. However, I’m proud to report we are NOT seeing a movie on Christmas Day like we normally do, we are doing that tomorrow. The last Jedi which I’m super excited about. My mom and step dad just asked a whole bunch of Star Wars questions. They forgot everything. I had to give a refresher cost on the last 7 movies made. Ugh!!!

For anyone traveling, I wish you a safe trip. I hope you aren’t still shopping because the lines in the malls are insane. Tomorrow I’ll be posting from beautiful Saugerties. I’m moving in 5 days. I have 2 more days to sleep in my apartment. Crazy!!! I’m almost packed about 99% done. My life in a box. Happy Friday.

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