My Powerful AirFryer Oven

My Powerful AirFryer Oven

I made a purchase after watching an infomercial. I bought the powerful Airfryer Oven. It looked awesome. Plus anything that could make cooking easier for me, I’ll take it. I still eat a mostly vegetarian diet but with fish, chicken and turkey. A big change is now my daughter is commuting. That means she’s home for dinner and I have to figure out what to feed her again as well. Life is a lot easier when I didn’t have that responsibility, but it’s here again.

I’ve only use the oven twice but I loved it both times. The first time i used it to make my daughter steak. She loves a shake and bake steak. It’s kind of like chicken fried steak that I normally cook in the oven. This time I use my Airfryer oven. She love the steak the first night. She said the flavor was so good and steak was juicy . More amazing was she ate it the second night. She never eats leftovers.

Last night I tried it with chicken. I made like crispy chicken tenders without any fat. They were so good. Today I’m going to try and do potatoes. I usually do them in the oven as well with just a little bit of cooking spray. With this little oven I don’t even need that. I’m excited to see how they turn out.

The oven will do anything. It can make pizzas, regular steak, chicken even rotisserie chicken and all the fat that drips off goes to a bottom plate keeping away from your food. Now I sound like the infomercial. It was just a fun thing I bought and I’m so excited I did.

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  1. I’ve been considering getting one for myself for a couple of weeks now. However, when it came down to reading the fine print before buying it, I noticed that you still need oil to use these. Not as much as you would in a regular fryer, but still. I thought it required 0 oil. Now I’m confused.

    1. I used zero. I still didn’t do the fries yet but if you need oil it would only be a basting. I wouldn’t use it no matter what. I think it might make it crispier but not necessary

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