How much I love my dogs…

How much I love my dogs…

Let’s start with a happy Friday. I appreciate Friday also, the weekend still is the weekend for me. This was a long week and I’m glad it’s over. Next week is not much better, so you might hear this again. I’m sitting in my usual spot gazing at the water. It isn’t sunny but that fog isn’t here either.

I got both my babies with me

My Marshmellow is making me a bit nervous. He wouldn’t eat his dinner yesterday. I kept trying. I finally got him to eat most of it two hours later. This morning he didn’t finish his breakfast. Very unlike him. He turns 9 on April 1. Unfortunately, French bulldogs have a short life span of 8 to 10 years. I’m just worried, I’ve noticed he’s slowing down lately. It doesn’t help that his sister is a year and a half. The comparison is quite drastic. Otherwise she keeps him moving. I used to say that a about Marshmallow to Boomer, my English bulldog. Marshmallow kept Boomer young with a three year age difference. Three years is much different than 7 1/2. Marshmallows is my love bug. He’s been my little shadow since I got him. Where Boomer was always my boy, he was my first dog, Marshmallow never left my side. His life is spent curled up on my lap. I know it’s inevitable and it’s going to be life, but I don’t want that day to come anytime soon.

I now live in a flood zone, very dangerous if a hurricane hits. I told my mom and step dad that when Marshmallow does pass on, that I might stay with one dog in Zoey. This way if I have to ever evacuate I can come to their house and they would accept it with only one dog. They are not animal people. Never were. They understand my affection with my dogs but they don’t commiserate with that. I don’t know if Zoey would be OK by herself. She follows Marshmallow everywhere and does everything that he does. Hopefully I don’t have to make this decision anytime soon. I’d like to keep my Marshmallow around for a really long time. My dogs just bring so much joy to my life. They are my kids and I’m mommy to them too. I would never be without dogs. The world of love they have brought me is priceless.

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  1. Hi Jamie
    I know how exactly you feel about the loves of your life. I also had a frenchie unfortunately he passed but left me with wonderful memories of him. I now have a old english bulldog who is my best friend. Unfortunately these breeds have a short life we must cherish our relationship with them while we have them
    Bless you

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