Multiple Sclerosis drugs, vitamins and therapies

Multiple Sclerosis drugs, vitamins and therapies

I kicked ass this morning. New workout and I stood on my feet for a record of 18 minutes. Omg!!! That’s incredible. Granted my feet can’t move too much, but that’s ok, that was an tremendous amount of time. In physical therapy, one of the main things they do for people with multiple sclerosis, or people that can’t really stand on their own anymore, is put them in a device that either stand them up or strap them in bars that hold them up. It’s very big thing to stand up on your feet especially without holding on. Where my feet might not be moving because they can’t do the dance steps, my arms are moving the whole time. Therefore all that 18 minutes my arms are moving I am not holding on.

So this new spectscular amount of time that I can now stand up, is because of what? I have no concrete evidence as to why. I’ll tell you what I’m doing now. I’m in my pool three days a week. For me, the pool, is very very kind to me. I can do tons of things in the pool that I can never do on land. That type of therapy has been extremely helpful because in the pool I’m on my feet the whole time. I have to say another huge component is the vitality pack that I taking from DoTerra. First and foremost I sleep better. When I’m sleeping I have longer stretches of sleep and I’m in a deeper sleep. I just wake up feeling more rested. I haven’t napped in the afternoon in weeks. My energy level just seems to be much higher. I honestly believe these vitamins have been a game changer for me. Working from the inside out supporting all my cells and body with natural vitamins, minerals and omega capsules, it’s a huge difference.

Other than that, nothing much is changed. I go back for my Ocrevus infusion on Wednesday. This will be my first full dose infusion. I’ll certainly be blogging about that. I still whole heartedly agree with the biotin at the high dosage. If you’re not taking that I would definitely speak to your doctor. However, I have been talking about that for a year and a half so I don’t think that’s the big change right now with my body. Today I have to go back to my general doctor to go over the emergency room visit from last week. From here the doctor will decide do I really need to see a cardiologist regarding that elevated muscular skeletal enzyme. My neurologist seems to believe that was from the statin they prescribed. Then the decision has to be do I stay on the drug or no. I don’t buy that this one is actually doing anything. Finally, I’ll end up at the endocrinologist to see about the weight which is still creeping up on with me no indication as to why. Definitely not MS related as they like to believe.

So proud of myself this morning. It feels good to be able to accomplish these workouts still even with my MS.

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  1. Well done on standing for so long. I get to 2 minutes – remember that you can’t walk unless you can stand

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