The brilliant pad for dogs

The brilliant pad for dogs

I get asked a lot how I walk my dogs. Well, I don’t. Walking the dogs became difficult after my last attack in 2014. When I had Boomer, he was 70 pounds, my daughter used to walk him. Otherwise I would take my scooter out with him. Since the day I got my little Marshmellow (yes we spell his name with an E), he was impossible to train, so he learned to go outside as well as inside. Marshy would never leave my side, so when My daughter took boomer out, Marshmellow wouldn’t go. It was a good thing he was house trained. On the flipside if I had to take Boomer out I couldn’t get out of the house without him. Walking two dogs on leashes on an electric scooter was quite a feat.

When I got my little Zoey, I trained her inside as well. She followed everything Marshy did so training her inside was fairly easy. Even though I created a little dog run on the side of my apartment for Boomer, Marshy and Zoey didn’t really like it. In all honesty, Boomer didn’t really like it but I was running out of choices. Now that I moved it’s never an issue. I have a wonderful balcony that I could open the windows for and Marshmellow loves to look outside. They both have their little areas in different spots of the condo.

My mom saw this product on a rerun of Shark Tank, called me up and told me immediately that I had to get, it’s called the brilliant pad. What it is it’s a doggy pad that they go on and then you fast-forward the paper and it rolls up creating no smell. I used to have it in one part of my condo and it wasn’t getting much use. I decided on Friday to move it to the balcony. Well this has been working out really good now. Both dogs seem to go to the bathroom on the pad I press the button it rolls up and there is no smell. It’s a hell of a lot easier on me then picking it up hobbling back to the bathroom throwing it out, coming back cleaning it up and throwing a wash cloth into the washing machine. Marshmellow will actually pee on it, but Zoey won’t yet. That’s OK Zoey has little pads for that. It really has been so much easier such a simple thing. I don’t even know if I need a little extra one that I keep in front of the balcony door in the house.

Now that it’s getting nice to out I have a double stroller to bring them both outside to walk. My aid could walk the stroller and I could take my scooter. Marshmallow is not good with other dogs, so I can’t trust him with anybody else which is concerning, Zoey on the other hand is terrified outside. So I have to see how that’s gonna work. Just like the rest of my family even my dogs had to make adjustments to my MS. However, I think this adjustment works well.

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