The 15th annual Bethpage airshow at Jones Beach

The 15th annual Bethpage airshow at Jones Beach

If you’re in New Yorker living on the South Shore, you know Jones Beach. If you’re live anywhere else you have no idea what I’m talking about. Basically, Jones Beach is one of the Long Island Beaches. Since Long Island is actually an island, we many beaches. I guess Jones Beach is the major one. There are many fields to it, they have theater for concerts, many food stands and a huge draw of people each summer. This memorial day weekend marks their 15th annual Bethpage airshow.

I’ve lived in New York my entire life. I’ve lived 20 minutes from Jones Beach most of my life and I finally went to the air show maybe four years ago for the first time ever. I’ve never been so bored in my life. The planes would go up it would make a little loop dee loop’s and then you wouldn’t see anything for another half an hour 45 minutes. Then another plane might go up or maybe two and they’d make a couple of marks in the sky or plane passes and then they would disappear and nothing would be there for another hour. The only thing that is worth seeing are the Blue Angels. Those are the fast jets in these tight formations that go really fast through the sky.

They were practicing yesterday and as soon as you hear the sounds you better look up, because they are gone as soon as you hear them. That’s how fast they go.

Now that I’m in my condo, I have this great view. I’ll probably be able to see the Blue Angels in their formation from my balcony. Understand this airshow over two days brings in 300 to 500,000 people. They turn people away it’s insane. That’s why I couldn’t believe how boring it was. I’m thrilled I’ll be able to see some of this on my balcony. I can stay in my AC look at other things have a nice glass of wine and maybe catch a plane here or there until the exciting Blue Angels come. I’d never drag myself down to Jones Beach again to watch the show from there. For all the people that are going, I hope you have a great time. Pack lunch and don’t have to go to the bathroom. That’s what I recommend.

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  1. Good morning dear Jamie and thanks for this great article. Not only we saw the Blue Angels in Jones Beach when we were living in New York ( I studied at Columbia University) but we also lived for one year near their base in Englin Air Force base in Pensacola. Congrats on your condo and the lovely view. Remember to salute them , even if they whiz past you, to honor all the brave men and women and transgender that fought valiantly to defend the freedom we enjoy in this blessed land. And raise your glass. Salut! Salute!

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