Why can’t dogs talk?

Why can’t dogs talk?

It’s difficult to have a chronic illness. It’s difficult to be a mom when your kid is sick. In both cases you usually have s good indication when something is wrong. It’s very difficult to be a parent to an animal when they’re sick.

My poor little Zoey, she woke up on Saturday just lethargic. She followed me into the kitchen as normal and ate all of her breakfast but then kind of jumped up on me and slept. It wasn’t the most unusual thing for her morning but was a little off. It was as the day progressed that she’s just didn’t move. She wasn’t playful. If she got up she basically would lay down at my feet in the kitchen. Wouldn’t play with any of her toys or Marshmellow for that matter. However if you want to give her a treat she would eat it. My vet closed early. By the time I really thought maybe I should take her there they were closed.

As she slept I kept watching her breath. I can warn you don’t Google lethargic dog on the Internet, there’s a lot of doom and gloom. So I instantly thought somehow my dog was poisoned and ate something she should not of eaten. I’ve taken pet CPR. I know how to induce vomiting. I know what foods could kill a dog because of toxicity. I’m very very careful. But I have an aid and she doesn’t always pay as close attention as she should. I decided to wait 24 hours.

Zoey continued to eat and drink during the day but never livened up. We went to bed my normal time around 10:00 pm. Sunday morning Zoey woke up bouncing around as she normally does. Instantly playing with Marshmellow although I don’t think Marshy was happy. I think Marshy was happy with the day off from being bothered by Zoey. If my Zoey could have just said, “I’m just tired today”, I’d get it. Instead I was nervous all day something could be wrong. Her eating was the only thing that kept me calm. If they could only talk.

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  1. I so totally agree with you. I would have watched her breathe all night also. We love our pets so dearly and I know what it is like to worry about them! Enjoy her!!

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