My chunky French bulldog

My chunky French bulldog

We went for her annual yesterday and my girl gained 11 pounds this year. However last year she was very thin but still. My vet said it wasn’t terrible but we have to cut down her food and replace some with green beans so she doesn’t starve. My vet loves her. We have been at my veterinarian for my dogs since my Boomer was 1. She loved him too. On a side note She was amazed by how good his portrait was wants to get the same thing for a pet she lost. She use to tell me that he was her favorite English bulldog in her practice. My Marshy isn’t a favorite, he isn’t good at the vet. That’s ok, I know that. She loves my Zoey though, everyone loves Zoey. She is just the sweetest dog. She has a great disposition that even when she does something wrong you still love her.

Zoey, like her mom, is on a diet. Although my guess is she will love green beans. She devours her food like I’m going to take it away from her, she always does. She loves food more than any of my other dogs. She sits at your feet when your cooking praying something drops on the floor. My aid seems to drop things for her periodically. My other dogs you’d have to call into the kitchen but trust me, they’d run. However they were thinner. My Zoey not so much. She is 28lbs of cuteness.

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