Back to Forks over Knives, plant based eating

Back to Forks over Knives, plant based eating

I tried Keto for a few months and it did work for me at first. I did take off weight but eating like that wasn’t something I could do on a long term basis. As I got sick of the food, I started eating bad. I just don’t like cheese and butter all that much after not eating it for over a year. At first it was good like a new treat but that wore off quickly. I did like the steak. Can’t deny that. You know what I missed the most on the Keto diet? Fruit!!!

I started craving apples and pears. I started craving the vegetables that I love like tomatoes and carrots. I also missed pickles. I missed the foods you can crunch on since everything I seemed to eat on Keto, other then nuts, wasn’t crunchy. I am happy to go back to my plant based way of eating.

The greatest tool is the Forks Over Knives app. That has so many recipes on it for easy reference. I also got a cookbook which can be found on their website This eating follows a similar pattern to overcoming multiple sclerosis which the main difference is fish. When I go out for dinner if plant based is too difficult I’ll eat fish but at home I’ll stick to plant based eating. I like them both and either one is based on healthy eating.

For me, this just feels better. This time I’m tracking on a new app called Lifesum which breaks my food down into carbs, protein and fat. Hopefully that will help me loose weight. I made a delicious soup yesterday and I’ll start sharing recipes again since they are still some of my most popular blogs. Remember diet isn’t a treatment for Multiple Sclerosis but I like to think it helps to eat healthy.

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