Hair today gone tomorrow

Hair today gone tomorrow

It’s time for a change and I’m cutting my hair. I was either going to change color or cut but I changed color back in the summer and changed it back. I like my red color better. I’ve been inspired by an old cut I had that keeps coming up on my Firestick screensaver. I had the cut about five years ago but one side of my head was shaved. I didn’t want to do that again so I kicked around shorter cuts with bangs. I can’t remember the last time I had bangs. My hairdresser is thankfully my friend too and I have been sending her these pictures all week. As simple as the top one looks it is actually very styled and would be difficult for my hair type. The bottom one which she loved my hair would never follow, it isn’t thick enough.

Yesterday I found a very similar style to my hair only shorter and no bangs worn by Megan Boone of the Blacklist. I think we found a winner. My hair just shorter yet easy for me to maintain. Although I like this cut betterMy hairdresser reminded me she is a tv star and someone professional did her hair. I always tell my girl when I win the lottery you are hired. Tomorrow I’ll show pictures when I take them with my new handicap van. Happy hump day.

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