Out and about in my handicap van

Out and about in my handicap van

Well the 8 month journey to purchase my van was really worth the experience I had yesterday. To be able to press a button that opens a door, sends down a ramp that I can just wheel myself into is more liberating than I even expected. What makes this even better is I am finally able to use my main wheelchair which is a Hoveround MP5 .

Using the travel scooter for many years was convenient. It broke down and fit in my small cars, but it didn’t maneuver as well as my Hoveround. It wasn’t designed to do so. This is the first time I’m able to use this chair outside my home and it is a huge difference in control and getting around. That in itself was such a pleasure.

This is me getting into the van. I have two pictures one pre haircut and one post haircut. How cute is the new cut?

The van looks really good, drives well and I’m getting use to the width of it, although I couldn’t reach the drive thru window. Look, I was even able to park it in a normal spot and use my walker. I am in the lines, that was a big deal.

Maybe one day I’ll even be able to parallel park but I am not holding my breath.

I had to write a short paragraph to Nova, the people that gave me my last grant. They wanted me to answer what this opportunity meant to me. My answer was simple, freedom.

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