Love is blind campaign for brachycephalic dog breeds

Love is blind campaign for brachycephalic dog breeds

I saw this on a blog I follow and had to share it with my own readers. It is about the brachycephalic breeds which include English bulldogs and French bulldogs. If you have ever seen my blog or if you haven’t my beloved first dog was an English Bulldog named Boomer that passed two years ago. I now have two lovable and snuggable French bulldogs, Zoey and Marshmallow. I love these breeds and the smushed faces but their increased popularity has brought increased health issues.

Doggymom’s blog had a video of a campaign started by the Australian Veterinary Association and the RSPCA Australia to produce the Love is Blind Campaign.

There are a lot of these videos in the States too but I liked the message that was made here as well.

My dogs are never “show” dog quality and therefore their smushed face and folds aren’t as severe. My dogs don’t have breathing issues but it is an issue with these breeds. I just wanted to add awareness

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