Goodbye Bob hello Bubba

Goodbye Bob hello Bubba

It was official on Friday that Bob my Honda Civic was turned back in to the dealership. I name all my cars and my last one was simply Bob. My first black car since the one I got and totaled the day after I got my drivers license. My dad had a thing with black cars. He felt that they were for funerals and was very against it when I choose black for the color of my first car when I was 17. When I was hit at a light from an oncoming car, which cracked my engine in half , I became convinced my dad was right. I never owned or leased or let another family member get a black vehicle until Bob 30 years later. I wanted black and I knew he’d take car of me. I also knew it was probably my last car. I wanted a black 2 door sporty looking car and it was, it was sexy. I loved that car and I’m glad I got it in the color I wanted although I did regret the 2 doors. I thank Bob for the years of service.

Bubba is the handicap minivan coming tomorrow. Bubba because he’s a big boy. A six cylinder beast. I’ve never had a car that was more than 4 cylinders. I think Bubba and I will have many adventures although I pray that none of them are because of me learning how to park a minivan. I’m excited to get set up with my new van and for the new independence this van brings me. I think Bubba will be around for a long time.

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