Spiritual session Saturday-when you fall out of your spiritual practice

Spiritual session Saturday-when you fall out of your spiritual practice

It happens to everybody. There are days I wake up and I don’t feel like reading A Course in Miracles. I don’t feel like meditating. I don’t feel in touch with my intuition. I’ve been doing this for years now. Sometimes I feel unenlightened, even bored. Yet I always come back. This is my daily practice and I made it a habit. Self improvement spiritually is a daily thing that never ends. I may skip a day in my reading here it happens. I even have to admit that I stopped meditating for over a year.

I was meditating since I was young. My father actually introduced it to us at a very young ages. I used to use the practice to quiet my mind often, way before I got into the spiritual practice. Meditation always came easy to me. When starting my spiritual journey I just made it a daily practice. Then one day I actually took a daily practice and completely stopped for well over a year. The only reason I can offer is laziness and changes in schedule. I needed to create a habit again. I started this habit when I did my spiritual session Saturday with the mantra meditation Spiritual session Saturday-Prosperity Mantra. This mantra required you to meditate everyday for 40 days and if you missed you’d have to start over at day 1. I didn’t want to start over so i made sure I didn’t forget. There were some days I was more into the meditation than others but I did it everyday. When I finished the 40 days I realized I needed meditation and continued. I haven’t missed a day since. Each night at 6 my phone still goes off as the reminder. If I haven’t meditated yet I stop what I’m doing and meditate, providing it’s possible. I once again practice meditation daily.

It happens to everyone that you need a break from your self improvement routine. The point is, that’s ok. This is an everyday practice that never ends. Don’t beat yourself up for falling off track. This isn’t a practice you can fail. When you are ready come back and pick up where you left off. It is really that simple. Like all habits just takes consistency to either make or break one. Your path is always there.

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