Spiritual session Saturday-Prosperity Mantra

Spiritual session Saturday-Prosperity Mantra

I have to be honest, I’m on a fixed income and my finances aren’t completely in order. It’s hard to pull yourself out of debt, even though you’ve made strides, when your income just has a limit. My everyday bills aren’t changing and my disposable income just isn’t enough. I’d have these plans to pay off my debt that would work at first until something else comes up that needs to be paid. The next thing I know the debt isn’t paid and I’d owe more. It’s been a terrible cycle most of my life. Sound familiar?

This week I had another wonderful idea to ask for a little help from my mom and stepdad that backfired. The next thing I know what started as asking for a little help, involve me telling them the truth of what I owed. It was pretty horrible. They have bailed me out so many times. Once again I upset them, lied to them but worse, disappointed them….again.

I called my sister and she gave me a tough love response. “How many times have we been here? How many times of I heard the story? How many times have they bailed you out?” At first I was angry I wanted a little more coddling, but she was 100% right. She said to me have you done the prosperity mantra? I’ve been doing the spiritual work long enough to know my mindset needs to change. So she sent it to me.

I tell you this because it’s time for me to break this cycle. I’ve always viewed finances from a “lack of” mentality because that’s how I felt. I was always behind my bills. It’s time to change my thoughts. Law of attraction. You are what you think.

They say it takes 40 days to change a habit and 120 days to instill a new belief.  Could be more or less depending how strong that belief is and how much Faith you have in changing it. But this is a 40 day meditation. If you miss a day go back to day one. The first time my sister did it she missed day 30 and had to start again. It is an 11 minute meditation Har Har. To Listen, hum or chant with. Who doesn’t have 11 minutes a day? I challenge you to the 40 days to change your habit and thoughts with me. I will share all the miraculous shifts along the way.


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