Brrrr it’s cold in here

Brrrr it’s cold in here

Well actually it’s cold out of here and by that I mean the pool. I go down and it’s all warm. I get into the pool and it’s nice and warm and I get out and I’m frozen. I think it is once again a big thanks to my MS that once that chill sets in I can’t get warm until I hit a hot shower. That leads to overheating and acting up my other MS issues. Not the most ideal situation.

I’ve been making sure that after the shower I can put on sweats and be done for the day. It is easier for me to at least to get dressed and isn’t so daunting. I have also made sure I can relax for a while until all my muscles catch up again. That part isn’t anything new after a workout but it is needed after that warm shower too.

I do better in cold weather than hot however not in extreme changes. Going from a warm pool being wet into room temperature air is now like an extreme. Even though I bundle with a towel and a big bulky bathrobe I still get that chill. I’m happy in my bathroom to have a wonderful heater that makes the room toasty warm but have to avoid the shower being too hot causing me other issues with the MS. Ah the weather and MS, such fun.

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