Boats on the water

Boats on the water

It isn’t even that nice out but they are starting to come out. By June this whole area is filled with boats. I love it. I watch them all day.

I have my windows open and there is a cool breeze coming in. I just finished doing my Zumba workout and all is just good.

Right at that corner is a gas station for boats and they line up to fill up. It is neat. So peaceful and it beats a fish tank I’d have to clean.

Have a lovely and leisurely Saturday afternoon.

3 thoughts on “Boats on the water

  1. i was just wondering,if you had a boat,do they have handicap mooring for it,just a funny thought?

    1. Unfortunately I don’t own a boat but I’ve been on a few since my progression. I have navigated the docks with my walker and family never my wheelchair.

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