Happy Mother’s Day to my mom

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom

I’m happy to put this week to an end. It was a rough one for me This is not my week. My stomach is still off but I’m happy to report no accidents for one day. A small miracle. It is like an early Mother’s Day present for me. My daughter won’t be home from school for Mother’s Day. However my adopted children will give me lots of love

Mother’s come in all different packages. You can be a mom to humans, dogs, cats, horses, nieces, nephews, birds, fish etc. Your a mom if you love someone or something unconditionally. At least that’s how I look at it.

I’m going to brunch with my stepdad and mom to celebrate Mother’s Day. This year my mom wanted orchids so I bought a whole lot. My mom is my best friend next to my own daughter. I love my mom to pieces. She is the most honest, non judgmental person I know when giving advice. I never met anyone that can put her personal feelings aside to give real advice on any subject. However if it’s not advice and you do something she doesn’t agree with, she’s going to tell you.

My mom is empathetic which is completely different from sympathetic and she taught me that difference. She has had to deal with MS for 21 years too. Not physically like me but mentally. She is a mother and each relapse I had and each tear I shed she felt too. My disease wasn’t only mine it was hers also. A burden she carries with a heavy heart. She is a mom and she loves unconditionally.

I speak to my mom almost everyday, sometimes twice a day. Sometimes she gets annoying and the phone will ring numerous times because she forgets to tell me something. I joke with her that I can tell by the ring of the phone that it’s her, or my sister, or dad even though my phone has one ring type. She is my favorite person and thinking about her puts a smile on my face.

In my home I’m surrounded by her. I have her wedding picture from when she married my dad. I have pictures and vases she painted years ago. I have furniture we picked out together. I have parts of her everywhere but mostly in my heart. I love my mom dearly for everything she is and believes. I love her for the beautiful person she is. I love her for being my mom. ❤️❤️❤️.

Wishing everyone a happy Mother’s Day.

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