This is not my week

This is not my week

I had another accident yesterday as I was sleeping. I was sleeping, how horrible is that? I was in the shower cleaning myself at 12pm. WTF????? This has been a brutal MS week for me. Between being stuck on the floor A honest look at an MS bad day and accidents this has been an extremely dis heartening week.

Yesterday I scratched up my car. I’m still in my reserved handicap spot but it isn’t the van spot. I have to back into my spot everyday and it is difficult. Yesterday I was too close to the curb and I scratched up the bottom of my car. The person who has the van spot doesn’t have a van, they just have the spot yet speaking to them to change spots has been going on since February. I shouldn’t have been next to a curb for my ramp to come out, I should have the correct spot. It is ridiculous already. Look at that scratch!!! The car is so low to the ground it didn’t take much to do that much damage. I was so upset.

This has not been my week.

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