For my safety with multiple sclerosis

For my safety with multiple sclerosis

I have many things in place that keep me safe from falls on a daily basis and I thought today I’d list each one:

  1. Hooveround MPV5 this is my everyday motorized wheelchair that I use all the time outside my condo and sometimes in my condo. Plus it is used always with my handicap vehicle.
  2. My drive rollator walker. I use this around the condo if I feel strong enough.

3. My Med Alert system. I wear my bracelet everyday. I’ve never used it for an actual emergency but I set it off accidentally many times so I know it works.

4. Grab bars in my bathroom both on the wall and in my shower. The wall one is installed through my ceramic tiles and my shower one is a simple suction.
5. Shower chair which I’ve had for so long that my daughter likes to shower in my room because she likes to sit because she’s use to it.
6.Bedrail to help me get out of bed or stay in bed without falling out.
7.Step stool with handle a needful thing because I cant get on my bed without it.

It may seem like a lot of stuff but each thing serves a purpose to try and keep me safe. I still have falls so it isn’t all perfect but it is better than it was. Don’t shy away from accommodations that can make your life both safer and easier. It takes time to accept and adapt to each stage but when you do you become grateful for the help.

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