Why I talk about the embarrassing MS symptoms

Why I talk about the embarrassing MS symptoms

This is in regards to a number of my blog posts like A honest look at an MS bad day orBackdoor chute suggestion worked. I talk about the embarrassing symptoms that I have that it hopefully helps someone else to feel less embarrassed. It is another part of my disease as out of my control as my gait and my numbness. It isn’t something that I can control anymore than I could control another MS symptom. I get why we feel embarrassed and ashamed but you have to give yourself a break, it was out of your control.

The bathroom issues both urinary and bowel are tough mentally, I don’t deny that. However even I know it isn’t a conscious decision I made to have an accident, I just can’t control those muscles anymore. I wear pads every time I leave the house even though I’m on urinary incontinence medicine. As far as the bowel issue, that one I pray doesn’t happen outside my home but it has and I deal with it. I’ve cried many times over these issues. I don’t walk around after it happens with a smile on my face saying oops. I know it’s difficult but try to keep things in perspective as best you can. Multiple sclerosis is a disease and these symptoms are one of the most common in people with MS. I’m attaching a link from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society on managing these symptom https://www.nationalmssociety.org/Symptoms-Diagnosis/MS-Symptoms/Bladder-Dysfunction. Remember to talk to your doctor and be open to him or her because they can help you manage your symptoms. Finally as bad as it is, even if it is in the back of your mind, know you have a chronic disease and it is the disease that causes the problem it’s not in your control, give yourself a break.

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