Backdoor chute suggestion worked

Backdoor chute suggestion worked

There are some days when I blog and I really have nothing to say and then there are some days, like last week, where I put up an embarrassing blog about my constipation issues with MS When the back door garbage chute isn’t working that I get a comment with a suggestion. Gary uses Nature’s Plus Oats n Honey Chewable wafers . What did I have to loose the chute wasnt working right. I placed an order for them.

They came five days ago. The dosage says 4 wafers a day. After eating the first one I was like I’ll never be able to eat 4. I started with a dosage of 2 for the first couple of days. I just don’t always trust my stomach. Then I went to the full dosage. The taste is very dry like sweet chalk but I make sure I have water nearby. Last night, there movement in the back door chute without laxatives or suppositories. I don’t know if this will last forever for me but for now it is a welcome relief. Thank you to Gary for the recommendation.

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