When the back door garbage chute isn’t working

When the back door garbage chute isn’t working

I’ve been having such problems again going to the bathroom. This is an issue I’ve struggled with for years but continues to to get worse. Every time I think I found something that works it eventually stops working. My main problem is twofold. I can’t push and I can’t hold. Meaning I can’t get it out and if it’s coming out I can’t hold it in and I’m going to have an accident. Sorry to be so graphic but is there any other way to be with this topic.

I take triphala and stool softeners daily. I eat mostly vegan so I eat a lot of vegetables. I was eating psyllium husk daily. I use suppositories and take laxatives on occasion. All this stuff works for a period of time and then I’m back to the same problem, I can’t get it out. I’m bloated and uncomfortable and running out of ideas and options. It isn’t like I can take things that would give me diarrhea because then I’d be having accidents all the time and couldn’t leave my house.

It is said that more than 70% of people with MS will experience some sort of bowel symptoms as per Multiple Sclerosis Association of America. They recommend the following to help: https://mymsaa.org/ms-information/symptoms/bowel-problems/

  • Increase your fluid intake. Try to drink six to eight glasses of water daily. 

  • Drink something hot as the first beverage in the morning (tea, coffee, etc.) to stimulate a bowel movement (BM). Peristaltic activity (that moves food and waste through the intestines) is increased after a hot beverage or meal.

  • Try to maintain regularity. Establish a regular time for emptying the bowels. Plan trips to the bathroom immediately after meals, since eating is a natural stimulus for having a bowl movement. Take your time in the bathroom, but if after 10-15 minutes you do not have a BM, try again later. Try to wait no more than two to three days between bowel movements.

  • Increase your fiber intake. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as whole grain breads and cereals is the best way to increase the amount of fiber you eat. High fiber cereal can be eaten dry or sprinkled over other foods. You might try a high fiber supplement but real food is best.

  • Be sure to exercise. Activity such as walking helps normalize bowel function.

I do a lot of this list. It has gotten bad again this past month for no reason. The Triphala was working great. I have tried to increase the dosage but it hasn’t helped. I will call my doctor on Monday because I’m at a loss. What a horrible symptom of MS.

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  1. Ug, that sucks a lot. I have some constipation and right now I’m trying those things on the list. Hope you find some relief ?

  2. I know the problem,I use nature’s plus oats n honey CHEWABLE WAFERS oat bran supplement.works great for me.

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