My first van oops

My first van oops

So I was at my hairdresser yesterday, an appointment I never miss. I was alone with my van and wasn’t the least bit concerned. I knew I needed my walker not my scooter to go in so my aid and I had that in my car before I went. I was even prepared and got my other walker out of storage so I didn’t have to worry about bringing it back into my condo.

I meet my mom at the hair salon for our appointment and it is always a nice evening together. However, it’s a long evening. I leave earlier than my mom since she was goes under a dryer and couldn’t really chitchat anymore. She pulls her mom card out to have someone walk me to the car, something I protest to every time. Well needless to say my good friend and hairdresser walks me out and I’m in the back of my van and I kiss her goodnight and send her away. I just had to secure the walker in, no big deal.

Well I lost my balance and ended up on the floor of my van. My legs are tired, my body is tired yet I have to somehow turn myself over onto my knees to get myself up again. All this time praying my mom doesn’t see. It takes me a few minutes to maneuver myself over onto my knees. The good thing is I’m use to using my wheelchair to help me get back on my feet so I got close to the chair to pull myself upright. I feel like it took me forever but it probably was only a few minutes but I got myself up and into my drivers seat. I guess that’s why she likes someone to walk me out. My first oops in my van.

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