Exhaustion and fatigue setting in

Exhaustion and fatigue setting in

I could have spent the day in bed. That’s the one thing two dogs and a nursing aid that comes early in the morning prevents. Not that my aid would mind or wouldn’t help me but my dogs would drive me crazy running between her and me.

I can’t shake the exhaustion in the morning and the fatigue in the evening yet. I actually think this started from my rituxan infusion back in mid March, I believe I said I was left feeling more tired than normal but it also could have coincided with the weather changes. Don’t get me wrong I don’t stop because I’m tired. I still did a 40 minute Zumba chair exercise this morning and brought on a nice sweat. I just know I may not recover from it. I know someone would say maybe you shouldn’t do so much but this has always been how I dealt with my MS. I push myself and keep going. These days it is the most movement I do so it is ok. The remainder of my day is low key.

Sometimes, even after 21 years, I wish it would be different. I had some good days and truthfully other than being tired I haven’t been to bad. However being tired and fatigued kicks your ass, literally. Just another frustrating aspect of MS. Yet other than that I’m doing good. Mentally I’m doing great. That’s a plus ?

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