Random fun

Random fun

Yesterday I was looking at a past order on my amazon account. I stepped away for a second. When I came back my dog jumped on the chair and I see thank you for your order. She one clicked more pet pee pads for herself for my room. ?. Glad I was looking at that and not a vacuum.

My daughter pledged a community service fraternity and got in yesterday. I’m so proud of her. Going away to school has made such a difference for her. She is the shortest one on the right. She just always makes me so proud to be her mom.

I brewed a pot of coffee the other day. My nose was a little stuffy but I thought it was odd I still couldn’t smell the coffee. When I went to pour myself a cup, I realized I forgot to put in the coffee. ?

My friend was over the other night. He was watching as I picked up after my dogs. He said, “Jamie, there has to be a better way where you don’t have to get on the floor. Don’t they make a popper scooper for that?” I’ve had these dogs 10 years never dawned on me to get a pooper scooper for picking up their waste to make it easier on me. Took my friend, who doesn’t have dogs to come up with the idea.

That’s my random fun for this Wednesday have a happy hump day.

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