Weather change changes MS symptom

Weather change changes MS symptom

As the weather starts to get warmer I start to get more sluggish. It’s beautiful outside and I’m ready for a nap. Yesterday the temperature hit over 60 degrees for the first time, a gorgeous weather day but after physical therapy I was thrilled to be home. I was exhausted. Physical therapy was difficult. My therapist, knowing I hate this answer, said it’s weather changes as always the body has to adjust. Our symptoms get worse than hopefully level off again.

I’ve been hearing this answer for 3 years when winter turns to spring and spring turns to summer. I just never feel like I level off but that could just be me. This time instead of more weakness, it’s fatigue. I’m not recovering so well after my physical activity. Actually it isn’t even that I’m not recovering but later in the day my walking becomes more and more difficult. Each hour my legs get heavier and heavier until they feel like they have 50lb weights attached. If you have MS I’m sure you know the feeling.

I don’t do well in the summer heat. I hibernate in the hot months but the change to the warmer months always affects me too. Do you feel it? What do you feel?

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