A beautiful day in the neighborhood

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

The nice weather is starting on the water by my home. I heard a few motorcycles coming down the street this weekend always the first sign of the good weather. Now a few boats are spotted coming down the channel into the ocean.

Soon the block next to mine will be hopping with music coming from all the bars opened down the entire nautical mile, as the road is called. Boats will be coming and going all through the day stopping to fill up with gas at the station on the water caddy corner to my condo. The jet skis will be flying up and around on the open ocean that is always so fun to watch. Fireworks will go off from the park across the way to start off the summer season that I will watch from my balcony.

It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood and this is just the beginning. This is the beautiful part of living where I do. Even though I love it in the winter, it’s something special in the spring and summer. I am so happy living here, thankful, grateful and happy.

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