Do you smoke? I did for a long time and quit a few times. I was a funny smoker. I could smoke a pack a day and then go the next day not smoking one and be fine. Other than my first apartment I didn’t allow smoking in my house even though I was a smoker. I didn’t want all my stuff to stink. It’s tough to smoke outside in the dead of winter. I quit once on my grandmother’s birthday and it was one of the last things I told her before she died. I quit for a while that time like years. I’m not sure why I started again but I did.

The last time I quit which was this time that made me a non smoker, I didn’t plan it, I just did it. I have no idea what the date was. I know I even had cigarettes left in my pack because six months later I finally threw them out. I quit truthfully because it was causing havoc on my MS symptoms. I would have more difficulty walking and standing after I smoked a cigarette. It became that bad that I finally had to quit. I couldn’t function anymore if I smoked a butt. I’d love to say it was because of the damage it could do to my lungs and the real health reasons why you shouldn’t smoke but I can’t. It was that it messed with my MS symptoms so bad I couldn’t function anymore I had to quit.

It has to be at least 5 years now that I haven’t smoked. I still use my grandma’s birthday as a date because I think she’d be ok with that. I don’t crave cigarettes anymore but once in a while I wish I had my vap pen charges which it never is. No one needs to be lectured why smoking is bad for you. For me, it was bad for my MS.

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