Zoey and Marshy’s day

Zoey and Marshy’s day

Today is an exciting day for my dogs, Zoey will explain because Marshmallow is getting too old for these shenanigans: Marshy and I woke up in our normal fashion with puppy love from mommy. This includes a whole lot of petting and belly rubbing before even getting out of bed. The only reason to get out of bed is to relieve oneself and for yum yums which mommy does as soon as she cleans up our morning business. However I always find those bowls too small and I’d like some more please. The vet says I’m overweight, mommy says I’m full figured like her but she still won’t give me a second bowl.

Anyway today mommy is playing a game in the house with new friends we get to meet. We love new people. Mommy says they are coming to play a game with her but we know they are coming to play with us. Who could resist our cute faces? Well grandma can she doesn’t like us very much, she doesn’t like dogs, weirdo.

Then mommy’s aid is coming, we have her wrapped around all of our paws. She’s bringing her son. He’s the greatest. He is like us and young and plays and plays. Marshmallow barks the whole time but he’s just jealous because I get all the attention. I run after the balls, Marshy is lazy he doesn’t run after anything. Just bark, bark, bark, bark and bark.

As exciting as this all is the best part of the day is the end. Our sister is coming home. This even Marshmallow is excited for. She keeps going away but she comes back again. Mommy explained that she’s at college, like we know what that means, we just know she is coming home today. That will be our favorite part. After all that I think we’ll be ready again for bed. Hey mom, what are we doing tomorrow?

Today we

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