The Obesity Code

The Obesity Code

After my upsetting week last week following weight watchers I choose to see my weight differently. I asked the universe for help. I immediately got to my life coach but then I got an email from my cousin. It was actually her second email regarding a book called

. My cousin’s first email was explaining about the book before she knew I was struggling. The second email was following my blog post where she was more insistent that I read the book. However with her insistence was her support. So I started reading. I read in one day the first 1/3 of the book and as soon as I finish writing my blog I plan to read the second 3rd. I want to finish by tomorrow and go shopping on Monday. Based on what my cousin said it is similar to how I eat with some things I need to omit. The book makes sense. I’ve dieted my whole life. I know so much about dieting, foods and exercise and I learned so much yesterday that I really didn’t know. I haven’t even gotten into the heart of the what to eat and what not to eat and I already want to pull out one of my MS medicines for a while to see what happens, gabapentin. I have a reason why it can be affecting my weight in a very logical way. Since I take it daily as a preventative I thought why not. According to the book it increases insulin levels in your body. Increased insulin levels lead to weight gain. I still have my baclofen and flexeril for spasticity. Plus gabapentin causes dizziness, unsteadiness, lack of coordination and drowsiness all wonderful side effects for people with MS.

If you are like me, check out this book. I think it has something to offer. If I’ve learned anything about dieting is there is no magic pill. The weight doesn’t come off by doing nothing something has to change.

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  1. You need the book “The Wahls Protocol” by Terry Wahls. She is an american doctor who was wheelchair bound with MS and since eating a low carb diet has restored her health and is now wheelchair free and helping lots of people. I began the low carb way of life too and the benefits to my MS have been incredible. I can walk again, move my fingers again, feel my face and fingers again, can think straight, and I am just so much better after having been not great for 14 years with MS. I posted a few blogs about my improvements. Hope this is of some help to you. I have been in your position and DO UNDERSTAND!!! Wishing you lots of luck and strength 😉

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