My handicap van, not just for me

My handicap van, not just for me

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I wasn’t able to share Mother’s Day with my daughter but I was able to share the day with my mom and stepdad. The food was fair but the company was great. We were seated at this huge table for three people and we all moved our chairs to one side to be near each other, that love.

It was the first time we took my van together. My stepdad drove, my mom sat up front with him and I locked down the wheelchair and seatbelted myself in behind them. It was the first time my mom even sat in the van. We went to a hotel for a Mother’s Day brunch about 20 minutes away, without traffic. When we got there and opened the side door, my ramp came out and I wheeled myself right out of the van and into the hotel. My mom said “this is amazing, what a difference this van made. ”

When we’d go anywhere it was a production with me. Either we had to put my travel scooter together or get me close enough where I could walk. Yet even the walking could be difficult as each step took so much effort and I was very slow and exhausted easily. The van not only made a huge difference in my life but it made a difference for people traveling with me. Now not only is it easier to get in and out but my wheelchair I use is so much more maneuverable. I can get around with ease and even sit for extended periods of time. My van has given me freedom but also has made life easier for me and my family. It was worth the 8 months it took to get it.

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