Flooding in my streets

Flooding in my streets

Just got a call from the town of Freeport that flooding is expected at high tide flooding in the streets. It’s been a while since our streets flooded but I did my errands first thing this morning just in case. I took pictures of a night of flooding

I never saw anything like that except for living through the hurricane Sandy. This is a common occurrence down by the water where I live yet it has been a while since it’s happened.

High tide is at 12:51 today. I have the tides calendar downloaded in my phone. I truthfully haven’t checked it in so long because it’s been ages since anything happened but I guess today that’s going to change. I’ll get pictures in the daylight because it is really a crazy site to see.

Ironically today there is a bulldozer on the corner property where that hotel is supposed to be built. First time any activity has been seen there in a year. Hoping that they get flooded out too lol.

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