Realistic view of multiple sclerosis disability

Realistic view of multiple sclerosis disability

It didn’t flood in the streets yesterday so no daytime pictures to show you. Although that bulldozer is still there

I’m excited today because we are playing mahjong here in my building. I’m excited to play but exhausted so I’m grateful to be playing here.

I feed the dogs and showered that’s it, I’m wiped out. This is why I straightened my hair because I’d never have the energy anymore to blow dry and style. I’m glad I’m still able to get dressed. It is all a matter time before the need for full assistance is necessary. I’m still fighting every step of the way but I know these things are in my very near future.

I’m a realist with my Multiple Sclerosis. I try to fight each disability step but I also understand that they are unfortunately inevitable. To not think this way is leading myself down a road of misery, fear and disappointment. I learned that I didn’t have to worry about being in the wheelchair when I was first diagnosed back in my 20’s and even through my 30’s. It was still not what I was dealing with daily with MS so why should I focus on something that wasn’t happening. I started to focus on that when walking started getting a little difficult. Then it became a realistic future and then it became a realistic thought. I’m not saying I didn’t have any fear or sadness because I think at any stage of the disability you experience some of this but I eventually come to accept my circumstance and adapt. Once that happens I’m always amazed how much easier life is with a new mobility device.

I think my blog took on s course of its own today. I wasn’t planning on writing about acceptance today but I guess that is what I needed to say. Happy Friday to everyone.

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