Rough night

Rough night

My fatigue set in very early yesterday making my evening extremely difficult. You know that things are bad when you don’t have the energy to get to the bathroom so when the urge comes it is instant dread. I have one of those hospital bed potty chair right next to me and I wear pads but I’m still trying to hold on to the last bit of dignity while I still can. Eventually I’ll loose that too so I am just holding on as long as I can.

I decided to watch tv in my bedroom super early. I got in bed around 7pm. I feel better being in bed stretched out although getting in my bed can sometimes be difficult. I love my bed, best thing I’ve purchased. It is a tempurpedic adjustable bed. I like to sleep with my head up and it is perfect for watching tv. I use to sleep with both head and feet up but it took to long for me to lower the feet down every time I had to get out and use the bathroom. The only problem is the bed is high because of the adjustable platform. When you can’t pick your feet or knees up high enough it creates a problem. I have a stool which helps but if I’m exhausted like yesterday, getting in bed becomes very difficult. I luckily have the side rail grab bar and was able to maneuver myself but I know in the future this is also something that will have to change. Eventually I will need a bed that can be lower. Yet I had the idea to try to remove the box spring mattress first see if I could work the bed like that.

Anyway after a few hours lying down in bed, I got up to use the bathroom and I was doing better. I was able to get back into bed easily, at least easily for me, and fall asleep by 9. I’m still not shaking this fatigue feeling each day it has just been rough.

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