Wheelchair walks up the mile

Wheelchair walks up the mile

I had a lovely day yesterday. My sister and brother in law visited with their foster girls who are so precious. I was so excited for them to meet my dogs and see my wide collection of humpties that I love dearly. My dogs were a hit, my humpties showed I was young at heart and they loved being here. Win, win, win ❤️❤️❤️. Was super happy about that.

My sister and I took a walk up the nautical mile to order lunch for everyone while they were changing from the pool. I must admit it was the first time I took my wheelchair over to the nautical mile. For anyone not familiar the mile consist of bars, shops and restaurants on a water canal. It is a big hot spot in the summer for boats, drinking and live bands. It is very happening and fun. I live literally 2 blocks away and my condo faces 3 of the busiest bars.

Even though I’ve been to the mike a million times, I never went from my condo in my wheelchair until yesterday. It was a beautiful day to be out. Not cold, not hot and a ton of sunshine. Navigating the sidewalks was super easy wasn’t one curb that didn’t dip down for the wheelchair to access. Almost every place too I would have been able to enter into except for one but they might have had another entrance in the back without the step.

We had a nice little lunch outside together before they had to pack themselves up to head begin their long trip home. They live upstate not far from Mikayla’s school which is awesome because she goes to them often and gets family love when she can’t come home and get those mommy hugs. I began my own little journey back to my condo on my wheelchair thinking I could totally do this on my own whenever I just want to get out of my house. It was really nice day.

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