God created dogs

God created dogs

My dad sent this to me yesterday

Any person who is an animal lover especially a dog can truly understand this video. Brings tears to my eyes actually.

I blog about my dogs often because they are members of my family. They are my kids who give unconditional love at all times. They ask for so little in return other than food (ok well maybe mine beg) and a little attention. They always keep me company and they don’t talk back (unless you have a conversation that includes their barking which Marshmallow and I do occasionally). Dogs are just loving and affectionate and the best addition I ever gave to my family. I had cats for years which I loved with all my heart but nothing beats a dog. I learned that the day I bought my Boomer home in 2006.

Fourteen years later I don’t have my Boomer anymore but I have my Marshmallow and Zoey. I will never be without a dog again. They are the most beautiful, loving creatures.

I received one more video from my dad that also made me tear up. This one shows how amazing, loyal and heroic dogs can be.

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