What is good on TV

What is good on TV

I have to say if you are looking for a great show, Succession on HBO is so good. I’m sorry the second season is already over. This morning, first thing, I spoke with my stepsister who I love to analyze shows with. Ok I should rephrase that, I love to hear her analysis of a show. She can remember every part, scene and look of each episode. Not just in this show in all shows. There use to be shows on TV that I couldn’t form a true understanding about until I talked to her first like with Lost or Game of Thrones. I forgot how good she is with the littlest detail that always made me want to watch it again.

Anyway since we are discussing TV, what are you watching? Recently I watched older shows like Haven and Lost Girl which I loved. I am always watching crime stuff and loved Mindhunter from Netflix. I started watching this Criminal series they put out from different countries but lost interest. I’m ready to binge the new season of Peaky Blinders. I’m watching the last season of Power but I have been board with this show for a little now. I love any historical shows with the Queens and Kings across Europe. Catherine the Great is airing on HBO this month. The Tudors, which is also my favorite era, is by far my favorite but I’m also slightly in love with Jonathan Rhys Meyers. The Crown is outstanding too and a new season is coming in 2020.

I have a lot of time on my hands and I watch a lot of TV. I love hearing recommendations from others regarding shows they loved, so drop me a comment. Happy Tuesday

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