Love to my daughter

Love to my daughter

My baby is bringing her stuff down to her car again. I have both dogs on me staring at the door

I might be just as sad as them, not because she’s leaving, because she’s still having a tough time with the roommates. We are trying to find someone to take over her portion of the lease and she’ll move back to campus housing but we haven’t been successful yet. It is a bad situation and I hate having to send my kid back into it so I’m sad to see her go.

Why does it have to be so hard all the time for this sweet girl? She has overcome so many obstacles with her being deaf and behind in school. She was implanted with cochlear implants at 3 and 6. She had to work so hard mentally and socially to catch up and fit in. She isn’t perfect, no one is, but she is a good girl with a kind heart. She deserves for things to just become easier for her already. I wish it wasn’t such a battle. I’m exhausted and she’s exhausted. The few friends she has had over the years are good friends but meeting new friends isn’t her strong point. She is shy and insecure yet she has come so far from the complete introvert she was. I, as a mom, am so proud of all that she’s done. I just wish the world would ease up on her a little and stop making things such a hard life lesson.

She walked out the door again with her head held high as she always does. She even managed to put a smile on her face. I adore this girl for her strength and ability to overcome all that she has. To me she is a superstar. I just want her to start knowing that too. She is a beautiful lady inside and out worthy of all amazing gifts. I’m waiting for the day she starts to believe it and the universe starts to show it.

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