Water heater cleanup

Water heater cleanup

Well yesterday was an extremely busy day. Starting at about 9 o’clock, the insurances cleanup crew came. I never expected them to be here until after 6 o’clock. However I must say they did an extremely good job. They were working side-by-side with the man who took out the old water heater and put in my new water heater.  he didn’t finish though until 7 o’clock. It was just hustle and bustle in and out all day long in my apartment. I even had the adjuster here in the middle of all of the chaos. 

They removed everything from the floors. Took down everything off the bottom shelves and racks. Ripped up the carpet to the cement. They wrapped up all the rest of my clothes that were still hanging. The entire bottom of my closet was cut out to the studs. They took out every tiny scrap of garbage. I think my room was left even cleaner then before the incident. In my closet now is three huge fans and a giant dehumidifier that needs to run continuously until Monday when they come back. I’m all for white noise, but it’s really loud.


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