Apple Watch here I come

Apple Watch here I come

Down I went. I was in the wheelchair all day. I walked with the walker for all of 5 steps before I missed stepped. I ended up smacking my head into three surfaces on the way down to land with the walker on top of me and my ass in the dogs water bowl. There I was stuck and dazed trying to roll myself over to somehow get up. That took longer than I care to admit. When I achieved the rollover I had to lay there a bit because I was slightly dizzy. Never a good sign when falling. I got myself up and off the floor finally and into my bed. I sent a text to my mom.

I didn’t want to alarm her but truth was I was dizzy. I smacked my head in this fall and now I was in bed after an exhausting day with my water heater fiasco. Water heater flooded downstairs unit. Water heater cleanup I was a little worried but way too tired to do anything else. My mom called a second later. I knew she would. I didn’t want to worry her but I was a little concerned myself. I just wanted someone aware of the accident just in case. Maybe she wasn’t the best person to notify but she is my closest family member both in distance and mentally. I was just shaken, exhausted and now dizzy.

I forced myself to stay up for an additional hour before I let myself go to sleep. I wasn’t dizzy by then but I knew I had a bump. I woke up a few hours later and sent my mom a text that I was fine. I was also more capable of dealing with the world having finally been able to sleep even those few hours. I knew my head was bruised when I touched it to the pillow laying back down but otherwise I was fine.

I’m a fall risk. Doesn’t take much a few steps and I was once again fortunate to only have a few bruises. My MS is becoming more and more of an issue and safety is becoming more and more mandatory. I’m thinking of getting the new Apple series 5 watch that can detect a fall and also lets me call someone from my wrist as opposed to pressing my life alert button. My cousin told me about it weeks ago. I just didn’t think it was necessary. I’ve had it in my Apple cart for weeks debating. I think this fall made up my mind. I think I’m making That purchase today.

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