Water heater flooded downstairs unit

Water heater flooded downstairs unit

I’m playing mahjong yesterday when my cellphone rings. I didn’t recognize the number but they left a message. The message was from my condo that water was pouring into the apartment beneath me from my apartment call ASAP!!! So I called and something was happening and water was coming down in gallons. I go out once a week and this is the one day I wasn’t home. I luckily have a code lock on my door and gave it to the board President who was able to get into my place as I made my way home.

When I got home he was waiting outside with the representative from our management company. Turns out my water heater went. The apartment beneath me was destroyed. Their entire master closet and bathroom had gallons of water pouring in it for hours before it was realized. They have major damage. The water leaked out to the corridor next to my apartment and down to the corridor below as well. Truthfully my apartment had the least damage but insurance will be paying the cost.

Unbelievable!!! One day I was gone. All this damage. So upsetting. The people below me were thankfully very nice and understanding. I didn’t sleep well last night as this has all been a nightmare. Today they are coming to clean up and replace the water heater.

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