Thursday dealings

Thursday dealings

We played trivia pursuit in the condo club yesterday and I’m happy to report I actually knew some answers. For once I helped my team. We didn’t win because we didn’t finish the game but we were in second place. I was proud. That is not an easy game especially the original edition.

They are officially doing work on the empty lot for that hotel. I still can’t find any new plans since the one from 2015 but work has begun again. Now we have a bulldozer and three large dumpsters. I was going to take a picture but my Marshmallow ran to his chair and blocked me. Now the bulldozer is moving and working. I knew the work would eventually start I just kept hoping for more delays. One day I’m going to write about my view when I moved in. It won’t be the same in a few years.

I have mahjong today. I’m hoping for a better game today then last week. I kept getting great hands that went nowhere. It was very frustrating. I’m loving my new social life and my new group of friends I’ve made both in my building and through mahjong. It is amazing the change of things from even a year ago. I never thought I’d find social events I could not only meet people but be able to partake in with MS. Mahjong still causes difficulties for me but some days are better than others. I’m always exhausted when I come home. Yet I enjoy playing so much I push myself for as long as I can.

Tomorrow is Friday again another week almost complete. Have any plans? It’s a beautiful day in NY. For now I’m going to stare out at my beautiful view, even with marshmallow in the picture.

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