Zoey has a life long knee problem

Zoey has a life long knee problem

My poor Zoey. I took her to the vet yesterday because she’s been limping on her back paw every now and then. Other times she is fine jumping and running like normal. I thought it was a strange quirk. It’s not. Her left back knee is popping out and her hopping is her actually trying to put it back in place. There is a name for it but I don’t remember it. It has something to do with the lack of cartilage that small dogs like Frenchies can be born with. She actually has it in both back legs but it’s more severe in one. Luckily there is no inflammation but the more it happens the more inflammatory the knee joint becomes. I found out this is a common problem with Frenchies; https://www.everypaw.com/all-things-pet/french-bulldog-breed-info-health-advice

Knee and elbow problems. French bulldogs can be prone to luxating patellas (kneecaps slipping out of place), which can be very sore in the short-term and sometimes lead to arthritis and cruciate rupture further down the line.

Look there is the name for it as well. It’s happened to me a few times where my kneecap has slipped out of place and I wasn’t able to put any pressure on my leg until it slips back into place. Then it is sore as anything. That’s what my Zoey has.

She is now on the same supplement I’m giving my 10 year old Frenchie for arthritis Dasuquin. This will hopefully help lubricate her joints. She’s only three and she’ll be dealing with this for the rest of her life. On a good note my vet loves her. She says she’d be taking this little girl in a heartbeat. This is her favorite frenchie. Since I have another Frenchie and I know the temperament of Zoey, I know this is a true statement. Zoey is loved by everyone she meets. She is just the sweetest dog on top of being absolutely adorable. Hopefully the supplements help her. I don’t want my baby girl in pain. ❤️❤️

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